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Re: Climb Tree

PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2020 1:06 pm
by rovarsson
Lumin, I agree wholeheartedly. If the solution of a puzzle doesn't work because the author didn't think of a verb, that can be annoying but understandable. If the author did think of that verb but chose to insist that the player uses his choice of wording, he's being a jerk. If the intent and the logic are there, the solution should work.
I'm talking about a situation where the player tries to use a certain object to repair, hmm..., a swing in a playground for instance. The author can prompt the player to think a bit further: "Yes, that's what you need to do, but come on, did you think I would let you sacrifice your wedding ring to close a chain? Well, I wouldn't, so try some other chainlink-like object." (in less author-intrusive words of course.)

(this message does not implie a guarantee for succes if anyone tries searching the entire game for a missing wedding ring...)

Re: Climb Tree

PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2020 7:32 am
by rovarsson
Each time I say the tavern is next, I open my game and realise there's something else to do first.

This time: implementing a sling to hurl pebbles at stuff or people. I made a sling-object and a satchel-object to hold the ammunition (i.e. pebbles).

-I do not think I will make an object 'pebble' or 'pebbles'. Instead I will make a General Task TAKE/GET PEBBLES (in a certain obvious location) and add an action to it: 'Set variable SatchelPebbles to 1' (some basic stuff like X PEBBLES and TAKE PEBBLE FROM SATCHEL will be handled with General Tasks, pointing the player to the relevant commands: LOAD and SLING)
-There is a LOAD SLING-task with action 'Set variable SlingLoaded to 1' and restriction 'Variable SatchelPebbles must be equal to 1'.
-And then there is a SLING PEBBLE AT %object%-task with restriction 'Variable SlingLoaded must be equal to 1'. When necessary for the game or just for fun, I will override this task (>SLING PEBBLE AT POLAR BEAR'S NOSEHAIR "You graze the bear's nosehair with a pebble, getting rid of an annoying drop of snot. The bear is very grateful.") and add an action 'Set variable SlingLoaded to 0'.

Thoughts, anyone?

Re: Climb Tree

PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2020 5:51 pm
by rovarsson
About that sling: in the end I opted for an object 'some pebbles' that is transferred to the carry-all as soon as you TAKE PEBBLES and cannot be taken out again. This makes it easier to make all kinds of Specific Tasks the player would want to try with the pebbles. I still don't trust General Tasks for this. I do have a variable implemented that jumps between 1 (LOAD SLING) and 0 (SLING PEBBLE AT *). Creating a separate object 'a pebble' that can be loaded into the sling would be too much unnecessary realistic simulation.

And yes, I have finished the inn. Hearth and books and stew and all. (But not the conversations with the landlady and her son...)

The past few days I have created some chanting spiritual nutbags, a swimming pool and a whirlpool where PC has to find a way to get to the ammo-pebbles without being washed away.


Re: Climb Tree

PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2020 10:20 am
by rovarsson
Hi all!

Maybe I'm going ahead with the writing and programming too fast. I haven't tested anything since the inn and I'm still going forward with writing new locations and implementing new objects, tasks, characters and actions. Am I setting myself up for tons of problemfixing once I do test, or do at least a few of you do this too (programming way ahead before testing)?

Also, how do you feel about mostly unresponsive NPCs? Do they add to the atmosphere in your experience, or are they annoying because they won't respond to questions?

I ask because I'm making a washing basin with half naked men doing the laundry, and I'm wondering if they should have something to say.

Re: Climb Tree

PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2020 11:20 am
by Denk
rovarsson wrote:Am I setting myself up for tons of problemfixing once I do test, or do at least a few of you do this too (programming way ahead before testing)?

Actually, I think it is a good thing to keep writing as long as you keep getting ideas. Whether you do a lot of testing as you go along, or wait with the testing and bugfixing until later is probably just a matter of taste, as long as you test it thoroughly before passing it on to some beta-testers. However, if a puzzle is very difficult to implement, you might want to test it right away to ensure that you won't have to change it significantly later, which could impact other areas of the game.

rovarsson wrote:Also, how do you feel about mostly unresponsive NPCs? Do they add to the atmosphere in your experience, or are they annoying because they won't respond to questions?

I don't mind unresponsive NPCs as long as it is obvious that you do not need to ask/tell them about something specific, e.g.:
>ask John about flower
John says "I don't have time to talk right now."
(or something similar)

Re: Climb Tree

PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 9:50 am
by rovarsson
Aaargh! Washability bites!

So I have an item that needs washing before PC is able to use it. Now I wouldn't want to let the player to be only able to WASH RHINOCEROS HORN in the washing basin by the spring when there is a perfectly good lake only two locations away. (Something I have encountered more than once in other games...) So 'PC must be at location x' OR 'PC must be at location y'. So far so good.

However, as a player, I would expect that PUT RHINOCEROS HORN IN WATER at least wets it, if not also washing it. So I make the water in locations x and y containers and add a corresponding task. This means I also have to make another task keeping the player from putting just anything in the water, because I honestly can't be bothered to describe every item in a dry and a wet state. So: PUT %object% IN WATER x and PUT %object% IN WATER y "You see no reason to do that" (or something similar). Ok.

But wait! If PC is standing by a basin full of water, then surely she should also be able to PUT RHINOCEROS HORN IN BASIN to get a similar result, i.e. a washed rhinoceros horn. And the same is true for the lake, which is also full of water. (This is related to a great annoyance I have: PUT BOTTLE IN POOL should result in a full bottle. I cannot count the number of games that deny this.) So I have to repeat the same process: make the basin and the lake containers and prohibit the player from putting just anything in there.

So there. That's what I've been doing yesterday. (And implementing a praying mantis just for fun...)

Edit: I almost forgot the most obvious part (which I overlooked for the first three tasks.) For all of those tasks I have to put in a restriction so that it does not run when the rhinoceros' horn has already been washed another way.

BTW: There may or may not be a rhinoceros in my game. PC may or may not need its horn to complete a puzzle. I promise nothing...