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Overriding system 'get command'

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Overriding system 'get command'

Postby highways » Sat Jun 07, 2014 6:55 pm

I have had to override the system command 'get' with a task because for some reason the system will not allow me to hold a designated number of items. (this goes back a long time and has never been resolved)
I have got round this problem with tasks using [expressions] which works perfectly. I am happy with this.
i.e. I create a key which is hidden. This is then moved inside a drawer through a task 'open drawer'. I then create a task 'get key' which changes it to 'held by player.... simple! - the expression is then changed to +1.
However, if i input get key from drawer it reverts to the system command of get; moves the key to held by player; but doesn't change the expression value. The result of this means that i can hold any number of items; which is not what is required and caused the problem in the first place.

Bearing in mind that my 'get %object%' request refers to all dynamic objects through the restriction that the object must be "in" or "on" an object; how do i get round this problem of the addition of 'from drawer' when there are a number of different named drawers and surfaces which hold objects? Am i right in thinking that each one will require it's own task?

If you think this sounds complicated: you should look at it from this end!

Any help. as always, would be appreciated.
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