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Postby Cowboy » Sun Dec 02, 2007 5:12 pm

Now, this should be interesting... :claps:
With regards to David’s earlier posting "how NOT to write an IF" I have done some :quotes: serious thinking :quotes: (yes I've had a terrible headache all day ... :blush: )
Seriously, though, what can an adventure player demand from a game he/she is downloading and playing? Bearing in mind that we are not talking about a professionally written game from one of the bigger software houses, but an amateur (like myself) that would like to write an adventure and share it.
A fairly correct spelling and grammar goes without saying, I should think.
But what about location descriptions, and details. What should be "examinable?"
Let's say the player enters a room. The description of the room is nice and fulfilling and mentions (besides other things) a rotting sofa in the corner of the room.
The player should of course be able to examine the sofa since it's mentioned in the description without an indication that it's not important.
So he "examine sofa" and is told that it's a rotting sofa, with the stuffing and springs protruding and one leg is broken off leaving the sofa lying on it's side.
I would say that's a fairly ok description. But now all of a sudden you have a whole new scenario, with "stuffing, springs and a broken off leg"
Should the player rightfully expect that the writer, has thought of entering descriptions of the stuffing, springs and the broken leg, not to mention that the broken off leg, might be picked up since it's not attached to the sofa anymore. There might even be specks of rust on the springs...
We all hate the "you don't see a ..." when it's clearly mentioned in the description, but how deep into details can you expect the game writer to go?
This is just an example, of course, but you can transfer it to the character description too. When you write about a character, you give a general description of what the character looks like. Then you and the character moves into a house and the character sits on a chair. Now what if the player "looks at character" Should the decsription be changed, or would you find it ok to get the general description?
Just something that crossed my mind....
I know it has probably been mentioned in some manual about adventure writing, but I am curious about your opinion as an adventure player, and/or writer.
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