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Character Movement and walk options - What have you used them for?

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Postby ElliotM » Fri Feb 01, 2008 2:05 am

In relearning Adrift I decided to port this sample code form the Inform 7 documentation:

There you will find some code titled ’Van Helsing’ that featured ’a character who seeks out the player, then follows him from room to room’. Aside from the seeking out the player part, I was able to simulate it all with a single task, a room group, and two character walks. You can find my port of the demo in the demo section.

The random walk doesn't seem to bring the character out into the drawbridge, but that might just be because of the shape of the map. If anyone had any ideas on how map layouts affect random walks I would be interested to hear it.

There are a lot of options under Character Movement in the Generator and I was wondering what most people did with that section when getting their npc's to move around.

You can have walks start or end by tasks but you can also have certain tasks run when a character encounters another character or when they come across an item during a walk. Another thing I found interesting was that you could have a custom message for each walk when the character was in the room.
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