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Postby DChabino » Mon May 19, 2008 4:20 am

I've been working on something that has become much more tedious than I had intended. I'm hoping someone might have a better idea for how to accomplish this - something without so many tasks and events.

I have 4 different plants. There are about 12 or so different places these plants can be cooked (bad design choice, I know, but it seems to make sense within its surroundings and I would rather work tediously than to sacrifice realism). To add to the complexity, there are three stages of the plants in the cooking process - raw, cooked, and overdone. Here's what I am currently doing to accomplish this -

1. I have a task for placing the plant on a grill that has been turned on. This task adds to a variable.
2. I have a second task with duplicate commands that requires the variable to be higher that then gives the player an indication that the plant is cooked and adds to the variable again.
3. I have yet another task with the same commands that checks to see if the variable is at the right level to then indicate that the plant is burned and then adds to the variable accordingly.
4. Because there are other places where the plants can be cooked, I have an event for each of the above tasks that runs each task repeatedly to check and see if the plant has been removed at some point then replaced for additional cooking or to see if the plant has been cooked to some level elsewhere.

These tasks and events are duplicated for each place each place a plant can be cooked and for each individual plant. This has created a mind boggling amount of tasks and events that is just driving me crazy. I keep thinking there has to be a better way.
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