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Announcing Spring Thing 2010

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Postby GregB » Thu Nov 05, 2009 10:12 pm

Hello to the ADRIFT community after a long absence. I just came here to say...

It's official: Spring Thing 2010 is going to happen!

In case you haven't heard, the Spring Thing is an annual IF competition. In the past it has often featured a more select set of entrants than the IF Comp. You need to pay a $7 fee to enter, but there are often cool prizes. It all happens in March and April, but you will want to prepare earlier if you want to enter.

I am announcing this in November, which is later than usual, so to get things moving faster, I have kicked off the prize donations by adding $50 of my own. If you want to contribute as a donor, email me at the address below, and I can immortalize you on the 2010 prizes page.

For more information, including rules, prize info, history of the comp, etc., visit the site:

Hope to see another good set of entrants (and maybe prize donors) again this year! I'll stick close to my e-mail so I can answer any questions.

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