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PostPosted: Sun Apr 04, 2010 4:57 am
by P/o Prune
The SPRING TING. 2010 :D

:claps: The ADRIFT Spring Ting 2010 is now officially declared open. :claps:

April 1st : the SPRING TING is official declared open.
May 31th : Last chance for entering the competition.
June 1st – June 30st Judging
July 1st : the winner is announced.

Please read the rules as there are a few newbie’s.
The competition is for unregistered members and the prize is a free registry.
If you want help evaluate the entries, please drop me a line either as a pm, or at my e-mail.
Have fun

Rules for this competition

* The author can use Adrift Version 4.0 unregistered, or Adrift Version 3.90 which is available as freeware.
* All entries must be accompanied by a walkthrough. It can be a simple transcript from the runner. This must give the text that will allow a player to complete the game, from beginning to end, following the details given.
* File sizes are unlimited (within the restrictions of the shareware version of course)
* Games may be passworded, but the organizer prefers them not to be so that others can learn from the techniques used.
* Games must not contain content of an offensive adult nature.
* Naturally enough the games should be a completely original work, although parody is allowed.
*Games must come with evaluation sheet for judging.
* No more than two entries will be accepted from each contributor.
* There must be at least three entries or the competition is void.

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