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Postby J. J. Guest » Sun Jul 28, 2002 6:51 pm

I had fully intended to submit Goldilocks is a Fox for the summer minicomp. I worked [/I]very hard to get it finished in time. I almost had it, but in order to get it done in time I had to delete a few redundant rooms, objects and one character that I didn't have time to resolve fully in time for the comp. She wasn't particularly important anyway.

However. I have discovered that deleting stuff in Adrift can seriously damage your game. I have, in the process of testing my game discovered that several tasks I set up months ago and have tested no end of times no longer work. Some restrictions and actions I created ages ago seem to have completely disappeared. Other changes to the coding of Adrift made since 3.9 and 4.0 rel 28. mean that certain tasks are prioritized before others. In short I am tired of ironing out bugs, and though I
still fully intend to get Goldilocks finished, and I promise it [I]will be released soon, I need the program to be more stable before I can be confident enough to either submit my game to a competition or upload it to the adventures page.

Tomorrow I am flying out to Borneo for two weeks holiday.

Sometime after that you will see Goldilocks. That's a promise.
But there are a lot of bugs that need ironing out. The runtime error 9 not least.

Until these get fixed, who knows?
And Campbell, if you need any help I can send you the files and a detailed description of the problems.

Until then, happy drifting, one and all.

- The Amazing Poodle Boy.
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