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Bug with importing characters with conversations

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Postby phkb » Tue Jun 26, 2007 10:31 am

Just a heads-up for anyone trying to import characters with conversations.

There is a bug relating to importing characters with conversation items. If a character has a conversation item with an alternate response if a task has been completed, the selected task will not import correctly if there are existing tasks in the adventure.

To reproduce:
1. Create a new adventure, create a single room "Room1". Create a single task, "#TASK1", execute in all rooms, completion message "Done.". Create a new character, "Bob", and add a conversation topic, "TOPIC1", with "Response1" as the initial reply, then select "#TASK1" and enter "AltResponse2" for the alternate response.

2. Export this adventure to a module. Make sure to include all items. There is no need to save the adventure file.

3. Create a another new adventure, create a single room, "Room2". Create a single task, "#TASK2", execute in all rooms, completion message, "Done.".

4. Import all items from the module created in step 2. Edit the character "Bob", and edit the conversation topic "TOPIC1". Note that the selected task is now "#TASK2", not #TASK1.

Workaround: Other than only importing characters to adventures without any tasks, there is no workaround for this bug.

I've added the bug to the bug list as well.
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