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308 error+crash loading .taf in genrator? - one solution I found...

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Postby rbaseel » Mon Oct 01, 2007 4:42 am

I was doing some work on my current ADRIFT project last night when the Generator crashed. I took a deep breath and opened it up again. Everything seemed to work fine but then my .taf files were not opening. They worked fun in the runner but trying to open them in the generator caused ADRIFT to display a nasty "308" eror and then crash.

Needless to say I was pretty upset by this. I tried a number of things, such as trying to re-install ADRIFT and renaming my .taf files but nothing seemed to be working. I tried creating a new .taf file with my newly installed program and that worked fine until I then tried to open that file, at which point I was shown the same "308" error message followed by the generator crashing.

I discovered today, while trying once more to salvage my work in progress, that there is an uninstall file located within the ADRIFT folder on my computer. I had previously tried uninstalling it with the "add/remove programs" function within Windows because I had not noticed this particular uninstall file. So I gave it a try and then re-installed ADRIFT. I am happy to report that ADRIFT is back up and running on my computer and that I managed to recover all of my .taf and ALR files.

Because this was such a *ahem* painful experience for me I felt the need to post the solution I found up here. What follows is a step by step list of everything I did to recover my files and get ADRIFT running again. This is what worked for me, running Windows XP. Your mileage may vary.

1. To begin with, you should take all of your saved data such as .taf and ALR files as well as any saved modules, and move them to a different location on your computer other than the folder containing the ADRIFT program.

2. Run the uninstall application contained in the adrift program folder - it is crucial that you uninstall ADRIFT with this application rather than using the "add/remove programs" function within the Windows control panel, otherwise these step might not work.

3. Download the latest version of adrift from and install it.

4. You now need to determine the date and time that your original registration key was sent to you. I use gmail, which saves all of my emails by default, so I was lucky enough to be able to search through my emails and find the exact time and date that the registration code was sent to me. If you are unable to determine when exactly you received your code then I am unfortunately at a loss as to what advice to give you. Perhaps you could try sending a message to Campbell. He may be able to help you out but I don;t know for sure if he has the means to retrieve this information, and I am sure that he is a busy guy. The worst case scenario, as far as I can tell, is that you might need to pay another registration fee. Because the cost of ADRIFT is, in my own opinion, quite reasonable, this didn't bother me very much when I thought I might have to pay for the program again..

5. Install the new version of ADRIFT on your computer.

6.. Next you will need to change date and time displayed by your computer to the same date and time that your registration key was sent to you. On my computer I had to quickly progress to the next step because the time would start advancing again as soon as I navigated away from the "date and time properties" window. If this is also the case with your computer then you might want to skip ahead to step 7 and then change your date and time settings just before step 8.

7. Open up the ADRIFT generator. Click on "help" then click "about generator".

8. To get things back to normal, just enter the same registration key you were originally given. That should get you up and running again.

Hopefully this post is helpful to anyone else with this problem. Happy drfting !
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