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help, I'm being mugged....

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Postby Albaniua » Tue Oct 26, 2010 8:57 pm

ok, so I'm walking around my city and I want to get this is what I did

just for clarity sake all tasks are in [ ] and events are in { }

character: mugger
In the walk, when mugger runs across player, [###mug enounter] happens.

[###mug encounter] trips an {mugging event} (3 moves) that basically say" the guy is looking at you" and "the guy is walking towards you"---I didn't want him to mug you right off the bat.

at the end of [mugging event} it runs [##you are mugged] which takes your money and some life away.

it all runs beautifully, but if you move to the next room, the event keeps happening (with descriptions), you are not actually mugged, since the mugger has to be in the same room as the player. How can I have the event stop when I go to another room? Do I have to mess with the direction arguments?--override basic movements. I don't want to do that. is there any other way?
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Postby Duncan_B » Wed Oct 27, 2010 1:05 am

I assume you want your event to repeat? You can narrow the rooms the event displays in, or you could add in a condition check that will check if the player is in a room that is not the Mugging Room (or whatever you're calling it). Add an "Event can be paused if..." piece that references the Not in Mugging Room task.

That's one way, anyway. Sort of tough to tell without actually looking at how you've written it.

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