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Postby DarKPenguiN » Thu Mar 10, 2011 5:49 pm

I have a few general questions which I have been unable to find through searching the forum- Any help would be appreciated.

First, is there any way to have my graphics appear on the same "page" my game runs on? what I mean is an option to choose between embedded graphics or a pop up window?
The pop up window is nice and useful for things like a Map that the player discovers but I am trying to add a "title screen" and pictures of "monsters" and in this case the pop up window just does not work and is an annoyance.

Second, concerning random rooms. My game is going to be a "sandbox" style game and thus needs tons of randomness for replayability. My question is concerning room groups.
Am I correct that if I make a room group for (say) "hallway 1" and make 10 different rooms in that group- The player will have a 1 in 10 chance of getting a particular room in the group.
I am probably having a hard time explaining this- What I mean is, I want this "Hallway 1" to be 10 totally diffrent hallways (not 1 hallway with 10 random things/events in it) and for the game to "remember" which hallway the player got.
For instance- On 1 play through the hallway could be covered in blood and would remain so for the rest of the game (triggering certain events which only happen if that hallway is "used". On another play thorough the hallway is ornately decorated. On another play through the hallway is dark and covered in spider webs , etc. etc.
I dont want the hallway to b e randomly selected each time the player enter it or it wouldnt make sense for this game (although I do like being able to use room groups to make X random things happen withing the same "game".

Third. I am going to create a "skill system" (i.e. Alchemy, Climbing, lockpicking, etc.) and have decided to do it using "items"
The way I intend to do this is to have the first "room" a character creation room. I will have hidden items such as Alchemy, lockpicking, etc. and then ask the player (for instance) "In your youth you learned a major trade, was it Alchcemy. lockpicking, etc."-
When they make the choice it will "pick up" the "item" and "warp" them to room 2 where a minor skill is chosen.
My question is- Is there a less cumbersome way of setting up a skill system?

Finally- I have bought my registarion code and still cannot find where to download ver 5... Any idea.
Thank you and forgive me if this stuff has been covered .
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Postby ralphmerridew » Thu Mar 10, 2011 7:21 pm

1: It's an option in Runner, not Generator.

2: I'd personally suggest making a single room for "Hall 1", and have it vary its description.
So, possibly:
* Make a room with short name "[HALL1NAME=%hall1%]" and description "[HALL1DESC=%hall1%]".
* Create a variable %hall1% initially 0.
* Create an event "#Event Generate Hall 1" that starts immediately, lasts 1 turns, restarts on completion, runs task "#Generate Hall1" on completion, and pauses when "#Generate Hall1" is done.
* Have a task "#Generate Hall1" which runs only in "<HALL 1>" and is not repeatable.
** First action: set %hall1% to a random number from 1 to (number of possible rooms)
** Second action: move player to Hall 1.
* Have the ALR delete [HALL1NAME=0] and [HALL1DESC=0], replace [HALL1NAME=1], [HALL1NAME=2], ... with the room names, and [HALL1DESC=1], [HALL1DESC=2], ... with the room descriptions.
* If you have things that will only happen in one version of Hall 1, check the value of %hall1%.

(This is possibly more complex than you need; this method won't decide which version to use until the player tries to enter it. If you don't need that, you can randomly generate %hall1%, ... at the beginning of the game.

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Postby DarKPenguiN » Thu Mar 10, 2011 9:20 pm

Its too bad about the graphics being chosen from the player on the generator as that would be a nice feature to set maps and clue graphics as a pop up (for the player to review as needed) but keep other pictures only accessible for a set room (via cear screen command)- But thanks, I did not that.

Also your explanation for generating rando rooms is awesome- I will have to play around with things to get them to work (since ima noob) but I can see exactly what you are saying- Very cool and allows me to use room groups as well for randomness withing randomness lol.

Thank you very much
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Postby Randy » Fri Mar 11, 2011 1:19 am

To download Adrift 5.0, you need to get permission as a Registered Member. I had to e-mail Campbell and he took care of it rather quickly. From that point there is a place (I'll have to look and then edit this post) to download it.

His e-mail address is:

Edit: As a registered member you will have some new links, one of them is for Alpha testing. In there you'll find the latest post with a download for version 5.0.

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Postby DarKPenguiN » Fri Mar 11, 2011 4:14 pm

cool thank you Randy =P
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