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L, look, x, examine

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L, look, x, examine

Postby DCBSupafly » Wed Feb 22, 2012 4:27 pm

Most of my first txt Adventures were ADRIFT games, so I recognize that Look & L are generic, but I usually expect L %object%, look %object%, x %object%, & examine %object% to be the same. I have played many games where custom 'examine' tasks have been defined but are not triggered by Look or L, and these have often confused me. Obviously we can't set L as a synonym for X without ruining the letter L, right?

I have a 'traveler' character whose description is a variable-dependent ALR reference. When I L traveler or look traveler, it doesn't work ("I see no such thing."), but when I use x or examine, it does. Is this behavior specific to characters (as opposed to objects)? Is something else going on here?
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