How to find legal cover art

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How to find legal cover art

Post by Denk »

I don't know much about this topic, but recently I found out, that there are a lot of pictures (65 million!) which can be applied legally as cover art if you just credit the artist according to some license.

I don't trust all sites, but I think Wikimedia Commons are honestly attempting to ensure copyrights are respected.

Not sure if they have drawings, but they have photos including photos of paintings, which may be fine as cover art for games.

The main page:

Example of painting, which could be a nice cover art for an IF game: ... Castle.jpg
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Re: How to find legal cover art

Post by P/o Prune »

Thanks, Denk.
This will come in handy, I'm sure. :yeah:
If you are looking for customized pictures, I can highly recommend either Fivver, or Freelancer. The prices are reasonable and you can communicate with the artist.
Lazzah have used Freelancer, and I have used Fivver.
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Re: How to find legal cover art

Post by Lumin »

This reminds me, I have a subscription at I'll be cancelling on the 26th, so if you see anything there that you want, let me know.
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