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Design an NPC

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Design an NPC

Postby Lumin » Thu Jul 10, 2014 3:43 am

It looked like someone needed to shake the dust off this section of the forum, so I thought I'd make a thread. :)

I'm still chipping away (veeerrry slowly...) at my Open World project. I've got a few extremely generic NPCs sprinkled around in key places, but at some point they're all going to have to be rewritten and I'll need a LOT more to go with them.

So if at any time in the future you guys have a minute and you'd like to be super sweet wonderful people and help me out, maybe you could you write up a description of an NPC and post it here? (Keeping in mind that it's a pretty low key, sort of realistic-ish fantasy setting and so these people are all ordinary humans...)

Even if all you can post is a name and a basic description that'd be great, though feel free to write about their personality or clothing or any other details as the mood strikes you. And if you feel like including a response to 'ask [name] about [name] as well, I'll love you forever. :)
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