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Anchorhead LP on SA forums

PostPosted: Sat May 09, 2015 10:15 pm
by Lumin
Found this on another forum I hang out at and thought some of you might find it amusing:

The Amazing Hammer Space Trench Coat. Let's Play Anchorhead [Illustrated]

A guy doing a let's play of Anchorhead with some of his own illustrations added. I admit I'm not sure about the art - he's talented, but so far it's been a bit cutesy for the subject matter IMO. We'll see how he handles it when things start getting dark. But he obviously knows the game pretty well and is showing off a lot of details in addition to trying to follow the votes in the thread, so spoilers if you haven't played yet, obviously.

It's a pay site unfortunately so you can't make an account to post there yourself unless you fork over $10 first.

Re: Anchorhead LP on SA forums

PostPosted: Sun May 10, 2015 4:41 am
by Duncan_B
Still nifty to watch.

Re: Anchorhead LP on SA forums

PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2015 2:36 pm
by Lumin

Well they just discovered the incest diary, so that took a turn for the dark in a hurry. IIRC it took me a long time to find it in my original play through, I didn't yet have the finely honed adventurer's instinct that would have me instantly checking under every single bed.

Re: Anchorhead LP on SA forums

PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2015 4:36 pm
by Lumin
If anyone tried reading this before and it was blocked, it's now viewable just fyi. I really should have logged out and checked before posting the link. :blush: