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Re: Points (or something similar)

Postby Lumin » Sun Jan 28, 2018 9:21 pm

David Whyld wrote:This reminds me of some guy called Vachon from the AIF scene years back. Does anyone else remember him? He was this kid who wrote about a dozen really, really bad AIF games and every one of them was plagued with the same kind of problems: typos, grammatical errors, wrong word usage, no plot to speak of, the worst sex scenes imaginable (and believe me, I have an appalling imagination :) ), etc. Every game he wrote was like a checklist of how NOT to write a game.

Now the AIF community were amazingly patient with Vachon. They pointed out errors in his games in a polite manner, they told him how to correct said errors and they offered to beta-test his games. And you know what difference it made? A big fat zilch. Every game he bought out was every bit as bad as the last one and they all had the same errors. It reached the stage where even the most patient and helpful people in the AIF community lost it with him and his games got roundly bashed time and again, yet he still kept writing them.

Now I'm not sure if Vachon was a kid, or had some kind of mental issues which prevented him actually improving his games, or if he simply couldn't see what was bad about them no matter how times it was pointed out, but it's weird how long he carried it on for. If every game I wrote was slagged off to the degree his were, I'd have gone off in a sulk and never written anything again, but he just persevered year after year as if he was oblivious to how badly his games were received. I don't know why. Maybe he was actually a troll just doing it for kicks to see how many people he could annoy.

I must have read a couple reviews of his games because the name sounds familiar and is associated with awfulness somewhere in my mind.

At this point in my internet career I've given up trying to identify who is a troll and who is genuinely mental ill, and who is both. These two segments of the population are uncannily good at emulating each other and will often go to the same ridiculous lengths, forsaking all conventional wisdom regarding priorities and effort/reward ratios. It's like that quote on advanced technology being indistinguishable from magic.
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