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New Record

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New Record

Postby Lumin » Fri May 29, 2020 10:40 pm

Most users ever online was 271 on Sun May 10, 2020

So what the heck happened on Mother's Day?

I mean I know a good number of those are likely bots, but that seems like a notable event just the same. I wonder if we got linked from somewhere.
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Re: New Record

Postby David Whyld » Sat May 30, 2020 7:41 am

What I want to know is why none of these bots ever post, write or review games. It's almost as if they're not real people at all.
David Whyld
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Re: New Record

Postby ralphmerridew » Sat May 30, 2020 12:14 pm

Some of them are spiders for search engines.
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Re: New Record

Postby Lumin » Sat May 30, 2020 12:16 pm

I have access to a really good Discord bot if we want to generate up some reviews real fast, David.

I just can't promise they'll be entirely on topic...

But one obvious issue getting new people in is that Gmail seems to be blocking a lot of activation emails from here now. Possibly all of them. So unless they come into the Discord to let us know or unless it's someone you know personally so that Po Prune can manually activate them, what we have now may be just about it for the forum.
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Re: New Record

Postby Lumin » Mon Jun 01, 2020 4:15 pm

Alien Diver wrote:On a scouting mission in a far flung solar system, your ship malfunctioned at the worse time and eventually crashed into an alien ocean. Your crashed ship now lies on the bottom of an alien ocean. It needs repairs, and scans have shown a lifeform living at what appears to be a rocky outcropping.

The lifeform looks like an armadillo. The color of the head, and the body of the creature is completely black.

But you're not sure. You know it's there. You've seen its form for years, even though you can't imagine it's existence.

But your ship isn't ready. You just don't have the equipment to repair the planet. You've never seen it alive. You don't know if it's intelligent, or if it's a threat.

The ship itself is still intact, and you can see it floating with an enormous beam of light.

"You won't be having another ship to protect us, are you?" The robot asks you, but you're not sure what to say. There is a long line of eyes to your left, and there are several others, all looking at you with puzzled expressions.

And it doesn't take long before all the robots are staring at you, and the ship falls to the ground.

Dreamspun wrote:A goddess must escape a castle built of dreams to reach the mortal world.

It is in her honor that you come. She will not be found here.

Her name is Persephone - the goddess of love and beauty.

You shall be her slave.

I hope you understand, mortal.

I have waited too long for this moment.

I did not come here for one day.

I come here for a lifetime.

I've waited so long for you, mortal.

I need you, a mortal.

I Summon Thee! wrote:
Duncan MacDevon's manor near Chillingham Castle has played host to numerous dilettantes and eccentrics over the years...but none quite like tonight. On this historic evening, the occultists Graves, Corely, and Clark have summoned up the manor tower. An ancient evil has been awakened, and it is not one to be trifled with.

In time, they hope that it might be cured...but what would that cure entail? What does it bring?

They would make a great contribution to humanity. A great human sacrifice. A great sacrifice.

It would be difficult to predict, but one thing is for certain, we would be spared.

"The evil within," their whispers murmur at each other. "The darkness within. Its power to bring destruction to our mortal realm."

As they chant, the ancient spell that had sealed them is broken. The dark power that had been sealed within the tower is broken.

The first of their powers is unleashed, and it will be a terrible curse to our world. An evil with such power it will be impossible to fully dispel.

As they chant, a terrible sound is heard. It is something like a heavy groan, or the clicking of a mouse. Then, they are gone.

The men in the tower are all gone, and the men in the village are all gone. They can no longer see anything. They are alone in a dark building that is very dark.

But what does it mean? What does it mean to be gone? How does the evil go away?

They have no idea what is happening. There has been a terrible disturbance in the air.

Burning Skies wrote:Set in a fictional steampunk world where cities have large special glass domes to protect them from the scorching sunlight. Everything appears normal but not every machine runs perfectly nor can last. A plot is a foot, hidden in the smog, in the darkness. The world is a warzone between the Machine Empire and the people. Its a war of the machines between the humans and the people. The war is being fought on a battlefield of glass domes. To break this war is the purpose of the Machine Empire.

The people are the masters. The people who control the machine empire with their own kind of magic and laws. The people who can do it, to destroy an entire world, it is their choice. They believe that a world without the machines will die to the humans. The people believe that when a machine power fails the people will make it fail the same way. They believe that the only way to make a people to live in peace and happiness is to end the war so that there is a new world of peace. They believe in machines that can destroy machines, and the machines that can be defeated by machines.

The people are ready for the Machines of war to come out of the shadows. The people believe that if they are the ones that will be destroyed then it will be as they always thought, a new world. They do not believe in the Machines and they will destroy them.

In a hidden place, the people use their power to create a super-weapon for the Machines, the machines are just trying to protect themselves from the Machines but the super-weapon is their chance to survive their end. The people believe that the Machines will never be defeated like they are right now.

THE LOST LABYRINTH wrote:Your friend Magor has discovered the location of a lost grimoire, written by the sorcerer Lazaitch, that contains the secret of perpetual motion, knowledge that will hopefully change the world. The grimoire is in a tower at the heart of a vast labyrinth in a far land beyond an area known as the "Forest of Misery".

You take on the daunting task of finding the tower containing the grimoire, but the tower is guarded by multiple foes, and its location is sealed within the grimoire.

Magor has discovered a secret that will ultimately allow him to unlock its true value.

The map is full of hidden pathways, paths that can only be found by a master of the dark arts.

A black book, covered in red ink, hangs in the centre of the tower, one of the few magical items that Magor possesses.

But before you reach it, you must take a journey into the Forest, a world beyond the known lands.

You begin your journey by going down a small, winding path, from where you must explore the depths of the Forest.

And with each level you reach you will realize that the Forest itself is a labyrinth that leads to the entrance to a huge city that will soon be under siege from the forces of the evil lord Lazaitch.

The city itself is a castle, a dark, shadowy place with an endless array of doors that can be opened and closed by anyone who has the power to use their magic.

You will have to find your way to its entrance, but the only way to get there is to destroy its castle. And before you can do that, you must know the secret of perpetual motion.
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