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Postby Mystery » Thu Aug 08, 2002 8:39 pm

If you guys don't mind, I would like to add something.

No Time to Say Goodbye

"I am sorry." Came the voice on the other end of the telephone. "He died." I hung up the phone and tried to subdue the overwhelming emotion that was flooding every part of my body. How was I going to tell Sean? How could I make the pain stop? It took only seconds to reflect on the events of that day.

It was early Saturday morning, and we gathered to watch the morning news, as we did every morning. That is when we heard, "11 year old Sean Arbor was shot in the head late last night, along with his 14 year old sister who was shot in the back. Police say that the children yelled at a man, from their balcony, who was beating his wife. They yelled for him to stop. The man then went into his apartment and returned with a semi-automatic weapon and shot the children. The young boy is not expected to survive. The man also shot three people in a car that stopped in their car to help. Their injuries are non-life threatening." We sat their in shock as we realized it was my sons best friend.

We cried, but were still in disbelief. I took my son to his friends house, in the slim hope that it wasn't true. But in my heart I knew that it was. We arrived at the scene of the crime, still in shock, but came to realize it was all true. A news reporter came up and before we even had time to react, the camera was in our face. We answered a couple of questions for the reporter and walked the long way back home. I didn't know what to say to comfort my son. I could only tell him to pray that his friend lives.

We had spent most of the day glued to the television for some kind of word. The hospital wouldn't give us any information. We could only pray for the best. After hours of hearing nothing, we had decided to go back to his house. Swarms of reporters were gathered in various places trying to interview friends and neighbors. I approached a young reporter that I had recognised from the news and ask if she had heard anything about the condition of the children.

A heartless woman standing by stated coldly, "He's dead." I nearly lost myself. My hands trembled over my lips, and the reporter tried to comfort me. "How am I going to tell my son that his best friend is dead?," I cried. Then the woman said, "well, he isn't dead yet, but his brain is. He isn't going to make it."

I could have taken her down right on the spot, if my good sense didn't kick in. The reporter walked me over to the news truck and explained That the father was on the phone with another reporter. We waited patiently for the news. When she got off the phone she related to us that there was no change in Sean's condition, and that his sister is paralyzed from the waist down.

I had never been happier at that moment, when I found out that he was still alive. I was very sorry for his sister, but so thankful he was still alive. It gave us hope. We returned home after that.

We tried to maintain some kind of normalcy and were hanging out outside, playing basketball; anything to take my sons mind off of things. He was too young to have to deal with death. In the moment of our happy horseplay, the telephone rang. It was my mother.

"I'm sorry, he didn't make it." She said. "He died." My heart broke into a million little pieces. How was I going to tell my son that his best friend died..............

January 5th it will be one year since the tragic event. As far as we know, the man still has not been to trial.

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