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How long should descriptions be? - an open-ended question

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Postby Astridian » Fri Aug 09, 2002 12:18 am

You made a good point Cannibal and Mad Monk. Though perhaps by different players, ever object mentioned in a room description will be interacted with at some time. IF authors who pay attention to not only story but also environment can draw the players into their world much more.

It is possible for an expert author to go one step ahead and include implied objects as well. A room description may or may not include references to the sky, the floor, or the eastern wall; however, those are all objects whose existence may be implied by the fact that the player's character is either outside or inside. There are certainly many other implications an author can make without realising he or she is making them (e.g. players assume that trees have branches even if that fact isn't included within the room or object description).
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