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Postby Echo » Tue Aug 27, 2002 12:32 am

Just a little something I wrote:

Today it started. I'm talking about school. Today was the first day of school... well, not really the first day of school. All we did was get the list with what books we were supposed to buy. It took an hour just doing that, a whole hour. One person, a rather lively, funny one, said ROFLMAO, out loud, in public, with people all around him. He didn't say "rolling on the floor laughing my ass of", just "ROFLMAO", like you spell it, when he saw how long the line was for that list, a line I had to wait in for probably more than twenty minutes.

I had to wake up early for the first time in a long while, 8:30 to be presice. No, that was just the time my alarm went off, I didn't wake up until half an hour later. Not much happened at school besides what I've just told you, but I suspect school this year will be a mixture of boredome and fun. 70% boredome and 40% fun.

How the hell did I get through maths last year. Anyway, now I'm sitting in front of my computer writing this, dreading tomorrow, the first day of school. I'm listening to Just a day by Feeder. If it weren't for GT3 I wouldn't be listening to this, so I guess I must thank the creators of that game. Thank you, you people who made GT3. What else can I write about at this time. It's beginning to get dark outside now. A month ago it wouldn't have been dark outside at this time, 00:15.

My thoughts wander to Neverwinter Nights, that great RPG. Why did I stop playing it? It's a really great game, and the plot was getting interesting. I just haven't felt any urge to play the game for a long while. My eyes drift to the

TV, some AD from a store selling office supplies is what's on. My thoughts drift off again to the music. Now it's playing my favourite track, We can't rewind, still by Feeder. I love the music that band creates.
How long is it gonna take to download that thing, that damn demo of No one lives forever 2? Seven days in the sun is now playing, again by Feeder. I'm about to go to sleep, as soon as that demo is fully downloaded.

He likes to cross-dress every friday night and ....... we took a rain and left behind the rain.... i'm hanging around with broken arms. seven.. seven days days seven days. Feels like heaven.... yeah yeah. feels like heaven so... you really l.... me up you really l.... me up. it's pulling me underground... dig me out we used to take a walk ...... we used to.... we used to.... seven days in the sun. Feels like heaven. Yeah yeah. Feels like heaven. .... you really l.... me up.. You really l.... me up. You really l... me up. You really l.... me up. New song.


I can't wait for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. That game is going to be so great, I hope. I'm rather certain it will be great, greater than GTA3. Enough of that, my mind has wandered away from that subject.

I guess there is one thing good about school: My imagination has always been better when I'm at school. Probably because I draw a whole lot of pictures everywhere; note books, work books... just any paper I get my hands on. I draw mostly when I'm in class. I guess that explains why I've never had a good time learning.

Well, the download's complete. It's bedtime for me now, at 00:30. Maybe I'll do something like this later.

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Postby Matt (Dark Baron) » Tue Aug 27, 2002 8:30 am

I've just had the best year of school according to my brother. Year 8, not counting primary school, that kicked so much. Wish I could go back and do it again, because now I'd know how to enjoy it. It's wasted on little kids.
Year 8 was a complete dos, we hardly ever had homework or had to do work in lessons. And no tests. Other great thing was we had loads of student teachers, like people learning to be teachers which mean 30 13 years olds v one little teacher.
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Postby ds490 » Tue Aug 27, 2002 2:00 pm

Senior public went way too fast.
Grades seven and eight were great, but in retrospect they passed very quickly. Now I'm off to high school.
What awaits me?
Well, more than 100 staff can't be good. Neither can a student population of 1700. One word: crowded.
My first school had one floor, a tiny gymnasium and four iMacs. My second school had a gym twice the size of my previous one, 10 imacs and 3 floors.
My next school...well, I want a map. It's got 4 or 5 floors. A gargantuain gym. A cafeteria and auditorium- seperate from the gym!
They have PCs.
The school looks like a factory from the outside (it actually has a smoke stack!!).

You can imagine my intimidation.
Will I be able to complete the work?
Will I get the s*** kicked out of me?
Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Oh well. Whatever happens, I go back in 7 days.

I don't want to.

But I will.

~ ds490
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Postby Echo » Tue Aug 27, 2002 2:50 pm

What I posted was kind of a story, not just me talking about dreading school, so I would like your opinion on it.
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Postby Matt (Dark Baron) » Tue Aug 27, 2002 2:59 pm

7 + 8 kicked.
In where I come, wherever that is, you have like 7 to 11 in the same place. After 11 you can quit, but you can stay on for 6th form or go to college.
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