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Postby davidw » Tue Sep 03, 2002 6:05 pm

The Amazing Poodle Boy wrote:Generally I dislike having too many objects and rooms that have nothing to do with the objective of the game. I've tried (in my one game!) to think of the game the way a filmmaker thinks; ie what is the point of the scene, and get this across before adding anything superfluous or distracting. But of course adventures have their own rules, they're not films and neither are they like novels. There's something of both worlds about them, but they're a different animal.

But in 99% of films (at least the ones worth watching), there's a lot of storyline that isn't essential to the plot and is just there to add depth. If you're watching a film about a murder, you don't just see the murder you see the events leading up to the murder and the events afterwards as well.
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