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Postby MileOut » Wed Aug 14, 2002 1:04 pm

Task 1 - This Old House

Start by describing, in a paragraph, the house - or at least one of them - that you grew up in - not just the rooms and gardens but the street outside and how it fits in relation to all the other buildings in the area.

The objective of this task is to remind you of a location. It would be helpful to write the paragraph by letting the building find its own voice, such writing is easier when you consciously lose control.

Do this task without bringing your emotions into play.

Task 2 - Memory

Following on from the theme in "Task 1 - This Old House" I want you to think of a few of the objects from your childhood home, and, in particular, the ones that create a build-up of emotion within yourself. Pick one of those objects and think: what is it that gives the object such an intense emotional power?

Once you have the object write a paragraph or two describing the event in which it became related - in your mind, at least - with this emotion. Within the paragraph focus more on the location in which this event happened, transferring the emotion to the surroundings.

The objective of this task is to let your home begin to write stories for you as your memory is always your best source for fiction.

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Postby Mystery » Wed Aug 14, 2002 5:42 pm

I'm not so sure I did it right...but here it is.

The two story house didn't look like any I had ever seen before. It was odd. Odd in the sense that it had no plumbing, no shower, no toilet. Plainly enough, it had no water. It was harbored by thick woods, that stole the light even in the daytime. Up the narrow path lined with trees, lies the pit. The only 'bathroom'. No outhouse, just a pit dug into the ground with a log over to one side. The dirt road that lead to this desolate place passes a stream a half mile down the road. That was the only source of water, and provided the means for cooking and bathing. It seemed such a simple place, but was far from it.

Although fond memories flood into my mind when looking back. I remember the not so fond ones. Behind the house sat a round metal tub. It really wasn't much of a tub, more like a large bucket. Bathing took place outside, in this horrid tub. It was too small to sit in, so you were forced to stand. Your nakedness hidden only by your other relatives holding up sheets to block the view. It felt like the whole world watched. The trees watched, the birds watched, the bugs watched. The rabbits in the cage watched. In this godforesaken place, it was if it were in the middle of a busy street, with hundreds of people shuffling by. You could never truly feel alone...ever. Something was always watching.
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Postby TheDataHacker » Wed Sep 04, 2002 5:07 pm

I had no emotions at the time, as I was operating within specified parameters. [:

wait... I'll come back to this.
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Postby Matt (Dark Baron) » Wed Sep 04, 2002 5:31 pm

So will I.
In the mean time I will do some setting.
It was a dark and stormy night.
In a dark dark town there was a dark dark street.
In the dark dark street there was a dark dark house.
In the dark dark house there were some dark dark stairs.
Down the dark dark stairs there was a dark dark cellar.
In the dark dark cellar 3 skeletons lived!
There was a big skeleton, a little skeleton and a dog skeleton.
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