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Postby Sockets » Fri Aug 02, 2002 2:36 am

The computer is easily prominent in the white-walled room, retaining a majestic standpoint from its perch upon the wooden desk. Trash is littered in liberal amounts across the desk's glossy surface, pieces ranging from empty bottles and cups to a growing stack of AOL 7.0 CDs. A large bookshelf has taken up residence in another corner, proudly displaying a colorful collection books in neat, organized rows. A large dinosaur plush, souvenir from a past journey, guards the bottom shelf, watching the other toys with a vigilant eye.

Read this text again. See how many unimportant things have adjectives.
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Postby Mercury » Fri Aug 02, 2002 4:55 am


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Postby TheDataHacker » Wed Sep 04, 2002 6:09 pm

Thin streams of light escape the grasp of the curtains standing guard at the windows and taste the room delicately. Here, only a few sounds interrupt a constant hum echoing about, a large fan blending it's voice with the whispers of the computers lining the opposite wall. The wooden grain of the twin desks presenting the computers is matched by a heavy looking bedframe, holding itself against the corner on tall legs. Boxes and containers of many sorts keep ambiguos treasure beneath the bed, neighbors to several stacks of books, and collections of diverse sorts of things are found dwelling wherever there is room. Despite the immense number of items crammed into this small space, the center of the room is empty and lends to it an open feeling. Overall, a sense of effeciency and practicality dominates the mood here, only broken up occasionally by non-necessities.
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Postby ds490 » Wed Sep 04, 2002 9:19 pm

I am...wha-? What are you people doing in my home? ...wait, where the hell am I? Aaaaaaagghh!
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