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Dystopias in Literature

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Postby ElliotM » Sun Mar 09, 2008 11:26 pm

Found this excellent website on Dystopias the other day:

I highly recommend this website to anyone who wants to write a story that features a dysfunctional society as a major part of the setting and plot.

The definition he uses for his website is the following:

A dystopia is
A) an imaginary society that
B) comments on our own society and
C) a majority of us would fear to live in.

There are tons of things to read here including some analysis of some of the more famous dystopias in literature and the movies. If you have something to say about society or want to create a place your players would be afraid to live in if it were real, then go ahead and check out the site. Even if you don't, its still an interesting read.
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