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Best Adrift Games for people new to IF

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Best Adrift Games for people new to IF

Postby arelim » Sat Aug 31, 2013 6:18 pm

So, if you guys had to pick 4 games that you would consider ideal for people new to IF and adrift ... what would they be?

I personally think the criteria should be :

- Engaging and interesting writing. If this story and writing had to stand alone, and not be part of a game ... could it do it?
- How much 'guess the verb' is there? Does the game provide direction and help for people who are new to IF syntax ... ?
- Does it have pictures? Are they good pictures? Do they fit with the story? Do they give the story a polished look rather than a 'I'm compensating for my writing skills with pictures, here look...'
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Re: Best Adrift Games for people new to IF

Postby Lumin » Sat Aug 31, 2013 8:37 pm

I know we've written up a few 'top whatever' lists before, they're around here somewhere, but really, from a player's standpoint the interpreter used to write a game doesn't usually matter, that only becomes something to pay attention to when you start looking at the development side of things.

The first IF game I played to completion was Anchorhead, the second was Christminster, which were both probably astoundingly bad choices for a newcomer, but I at least understood the basics of getting around and inventory management from playing MUDs, which I'm sure took the edge off the learning curve. Dreamhold is supposed to be the go-to game for newbies now, or at least was a few years back, and I think City of Secrets is a good option too. Though if we're talking specifically ADRIFT, these days I'd probably recommend something like A Fine Day for Reaping, just off the top of my head.

A lot depends on the taste of the person you're targeting too, though...I have a coworker who likes to read and is reasonably computer literate, I think she'd be a good candidate for an IF player, but I know if I ever manage to sit her down in front of a computer I need to use a slice of life game as (for some weird reason) she has zero interest in scifi or fantasy or anything supernatural.
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