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Re: Adrift End of the Year Comp.t

Postby Lazzah » Thu Jan 02, 2014 6:38 am

ralphmerridew wrote:Lazzah: Campbell hasn't implemented it as a variable because it isn't a variable. It doesn't act like one, and trying to force it to act as one is likely to lead to the pileup of complexity that made ADRIFT 4 ultimately become unmaintainable.

ralphmerridew: From the time I first posted my enhancement request for a variable that would hold the number of items carried by the PC and in all the discussions I had with Campbell regarding this, not once did he explain to me that it was NOT possible to have this as a variable. If he had told me that it was not possible from the outset I would have understood and not pursued it. However, the reason he gave to me why he did not want to implement %Player%.Held.Count as a variable was that if he did that then "everyone would be asking for a variable for this and a variable for that, and it will never end". His words, not mine. That indicates to me that implementing %Player%.Held.Count as a variable IS possible, but that Campbell just did not want to. As I have now got used to using %Player%.Held.Count in my games I am not going to say another word on the subject.
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