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NEW GAME - "The Axe of Kolt"

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Re: NEW GAME - "The Axe of Kolt"

Postby catman » Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:39 pm

I recently looked at some of the scans of Adventure Probe and Red Herring and Syntax. This was when homebrew adventuring was in its heyday, not many had internet access and text adventures were in the ascendant with regular weekly and monthly adventure columns in the various 8-bit computer mags. You only have to read some of the back issues to see what a thriving genre this was at that time. Of course business was done by post in those days and this was reflected in the dearth of adventure ads of the independent software houses featured in these publications from that period.
I had help from Barbara, too. And Sue Medley of Syntax Mag (remember that one?) It's amazing the amount of material that was covered. They did a great job editing and producing these periodicals what with all the reviews, hints, solutions and what-not. I always eagerly looked forward to receiving my copy through the letterbox. A lot of the games played were made with Quill, PAW and GAC and some were very imaginative indeed.
I suppose you remember Simon Avery of WOW software. I recently emailed him. It seems he is no longer interested now but has posted all his adventure games on his site for anybody who might be interested:

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