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Postby The0didactus » Sat Sep 16, 2017 12:52 am

You are a citizen of Merch, a peaceful village surrounded by a deep, dark forest.

This night, you must venture forth into the wood, to find treasure and terrible secrets. You will learn that this is difficult, for while the forest holds many treasures and many secrets, it jealously guards them behind horrible monsters and dark veils of enchantment. The forest is home to wolves and hungry bears, elves and malevolent spirits, and stranger things that lurk in caves below the forest, or in the deeper sky above it.

...and of course, once you find what you are looking for, you must return home alive and with your mind intact. You will learn that this is nearly impossible. The wood will do its best to turn you about, to twist your path back on itself, to drive you mad or drive you ever deeper...and ultimately, over the edge of the forest and into darker places beyond.

Welcome to Tingalan, a game of survival and horror.

Greetings ADRIFT community.
I am pleased to announce that I have finished a very ambitious game, which is now available for you to play.
It's still getting uploaded to the ADRIFT site, but I've decided to post a download link to the .blorb file here: ... EVUb2k5MFk

The game has an old school pulpy manual here: ... DRSSm9iaXc

You may want to read it, though technically you can play just fine without it. The game has many mechanics that differ substantially from a typical ADRIFT game, and the manual is a work of art in its own right...truthfully, I'm actually even happier with how the manual turned out than the game itself.

Some notes in no particular order

* By design, this game is quite difficult. You will probably die many times before you realize how to stay alive. The game is built to have a considerable amount of replay value, it will be very different every time you play it.

* By design, this game does not conform to ordinary mapping conventions. Tingalan is a fairy-wood, and the map does not operate like a normal map. It's a puzzle, and so far none of the playtesters have solved it :roll: In general, it's quite hard to retrace your steps.

* If you get stuck, try singing

* There is a scoring system, but you may find that trying to maximize your score works against many other factors of the game. You "win" by getting home alive, and you are "scored" by the treasure you find. The high score is 38.

* There is no joy in Tingalan...

* The trees won't help you at all...
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