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Can You Guess? - New Game!

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Can You Guess? - New Game!

Postby Lumin » Fri Feb 02, 2018 2:21 am

Well I missed out on making the first game of 2018 but I guess I'll settle for releasing the second.

I had to use v5 for this one because of the depth and complexity, there's a very complicated system at work here scanning and transmitting positronic brain signals and such (complicated tech stuff, "rocket science" you know, I'll spare you the details). Suffice to say I managed to create the most immersive and reactive IF game in all existence in that I'm fairly sure there's not a single command that won't be evaluated and responded to realistically within the bounds of the simulation. Not bad for a mere 16k. (Although I'm unsure how much of that v5 itself tacks on, it's impressive either way and I'm basically a genius.)

I'll take that 20 points now. ^_^
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