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One boring Saturday afternnoon - so I decided to play a few older ADRIFT games. For some reason I fell upon Dragonsphere by Kameetrei.

This is an example of how not to write IF. It is not in itself a bad idea but just a rubbish implementation.

It has far too many locations for the size and complexitiy of the game. At least half would have done, probably less. What locations it has are hardly described at all.

Far, far too many GTV. Examine, exam or even x are not used but "look at" is. An object is called "fireplace" in the location description but "look at fire place" is the command to examine it. I could go on but I will not.

Virtually nothing mentioned in the location description can be examined.

Finally, the game contains a fatal bug which makes it unwinnable. A command takes you to the wrong location.

If you want to see how not to write an adventure game have a look at Dragonsphere.
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Looks like what Hyperion Castle would have been had I finished it 5+ years ago when I was first working on it.

Good thing I didn't. :)
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