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Crashland gets off to a strong start. In just a couple of lines the intro neatly gives the player what they need to know about the character and setting, and with a few small exceptions the writing keeps up to this standard throughout the entire game. (Even the proofreading was good. I didn't see any persistent spelling or punctuation mistakes and only found a handful of typos - which was kind of a disappointment because giving grammar lessons and jumping all over typos is kind of my specialty and also makes for good filler. This will probably be a short review now. :( )

Sparse or nonexistent descriptions are one of THE most common problems with first-time games, but that's not the case here at all. Even with the relatively small map, there's a lot of fun to be had just wandering around looking at things--a few lines had me chuckling, and even lowly scenery objects were not ignored. (I kind of got a sense the author has a thing for architecture? And maybe French musicians?)

Unfortunately, while Crashland hits it out of the park with the world-building aspects, when you get to the actual meat of the game things start to fall apart. The NPCs make cardboard cutouts look lively, and since the game's only puzzles revolve around them that aspect suffers too. Finally, after having to resort to the walkthrough to reach the ending(s), I was disappointed to find they were pretty weak too.

As promising as things looked in the beginning, it really seems like the author ran out of steam about halfway through. Of course, since this was a comp game, it may be that they just ran out of time, in which case I hope they're willing to return to this some day and release an expanded version, because I know I'd really love to play it.

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