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A forum where new and old games can be reviewed - an alternative to the reviews on the Adventures page of the main ADRIFT site. Also the place to ask for any assistance if you are stuck playing a particular game.
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This was...different. Not at all what I was expecting when I loaded it up, but as a gimmick game (or is the term parser abuse?) it was done with some serious style and was a blast to play. I'm not even sure where one would start in actually WRITING something like this, and I'm willing to bet it was a headache to implement, but for me at least it was a loads of fun to play. (Even if I did keep crashing my rocket...)

'Rich guy controlling expensive machines' may not be much of a plot, but what was there was serviceable enough and obviously wasn't the point anyway. The technical aspects and gameplay were seamless in my playthrough, and really, the only complaint I have is that it was way too short.

It took me a few tries to get the rocket high enough in the first segment, but the other two I just breezed right through. Maybe the point IS just to be a fun, awesome little toy, but I felt like either more levels, or greater challenge in the levels that existed would have made it seem more like a fun, awesome, sizable game. (And can we get some old-school little bleeps and blips and crashy noises in there, please? This is the first Adrift game I've ever played where I felt like it actually NEEDED sound.)

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Reminds me of the old arcade game "Moon Lander", but backwards to the DOS games (ASCII characters to build an image). Unlike an actual timer to race against, it's knowing when to not just hit [Enter]. To be honest, I quit the game on the second 'chapter' bored with enter, enter, enter, etc. But to do justice in reviewing and voting on the game, I perservered and plowed through to the end.

The descriptions were somewhat brief and simplistic - would have liked to see more 'Adventure' to the game. That said, making the ASCII images stay in the correct layout took some skill and patience on the part of Abbi Park. The technical application of ADRIFT was very good.

As a side note, I'm not a fan of passwording. Learning from other writers and maybe assisting in finding bug sources is what I look for in having access to a game file.
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Just "abuse" is the usual term.

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