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Ghost town - "new" release

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Postby Cowboy » Sat Feb 23, 2008 10:44 am

Well, let me be the first to write in this forum then :cool:

"Ghost town" is my first "serious" adventure since I started using Adrift many years ago. I am quite proud of what I have accomplished. It is "only" a trailer, but it can be played as an independent game.
I had my doubts whether I should release it or not, but seeing how little action that was going on in the Forum I thought I would give it a try, giving people something to do, while waiting for the release of Adrift V.5
Another reason was that I hoped for some feedback, giving me some ideas about what I could do better (pls. don't flood me! :O ) so the final game would be even better. (I know there are always room for improvements)

You start the game, standing outside an old cabin, with very little clue as what to do, or why you are there.
Normally I wouldn't reveal too much about the game, since realistically you (as the player) wouldn't know much to begin with, except what is written in the crumbled letter you have in your pocket.
Your task is to find out why you are there, and then follow the clues which will hopefully enlighten you, and guide you through the game.

You will find the trailer under the adventures (complete games) and like I mentioned earlier.. Give it a try, if you haven't got anything planned for the day anyway.
Have fun.
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