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Playtesters Wanted for fantasy adventure

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Playtesters Wanted for fantasy adventure

Postby Lazzah » Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:49 pm

Hi all,

i have just finished my first ADRIFT adventure "Fortress of Fear", and I am posting this request for anyone who would like to playtest it.

It is a very big adventure, over 270 locations and it will test your puzzle-solving abilities and ingenuity to the full. It is definitely not the kind of adventure you are going to complete in a few sittings!

The game is a fantasy scenario, set in a huge fortress (based on a real castle) in medieval times, and is actually the 5th adventure in a series featuring "Alaric Blackmoon". The other four were first written on a Spectrum in the 1990's and I am going to convert those to ADRIFT in the future. I suppose this is a bit like Star Wars, where the first film released was the 4th in the series!

Please reply by PM if you would like playtest "Fortress of Fear".

Thanks for reading this.
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