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My Intro Comp thoughts

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My Intro Comp thoughts

Postby Jin Sane » Sun Sep 30, 2012 7:02 pm

I wrote a few notes in a Notepad document while playing the Intro Comp games, to help me decide which to vote for. Now voting is over, I thought I'd copy+paste 'em here for those interested.

- Quite gripping
- Very interested in where this story will go
- Just the right amount of thinking involved to move onwards in the game
- Enjoyed the vague plotline / mysterious atmosphere

- Quite a tasty intro
- Insanity-inducing Guess-The-Verb problems
- Commands are painfully specific, and most times require more detail than should be needed. one example: the full "half empty bottle of jack daniels" appeared to be the only command recognised for this item
- Couldn't for the life of me figure out how to look at or use the car keys. the words "keys", "key", "car keys", "car key" returned nothing.

- Intruiging opening
- Slightly bare descriptions and not enough objects to match things mentioned
- Encounter a "creature" during first playthrough which was impossible to attack. "Attack creature" and "attack creature with pistol" return a "you need a weapon message", despite the fact I was holding the pistol.
- Didn't experience the same problem on a second playthrough. In fact I didn't even encounter the "creature" a second time.

- Little attention to detail
- Was basically told exactly what to do to complete
- Ends abruptly as a short game rather than an intro

- A vibrant and interesting world
- Nicely written
- Styling and colour of fonts and such is random and odd, kinda' threw me off
- Took perhaps a little longer than I'd like to get to the point
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