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Postby Campbell » Thu Jun 26, 2003 10:44 pm


Yep, another lorryload of bug fixes. These ones are:

o Can now open adventures after cancelling dictionary load or even during load

o 'Get all' doesn't display taking objects from other objects

o ESC key cancels Events window

o 'Get all' doesn't inadventently run 'get %object%' tasks

o Drop tasks can be overridden even if not holding object in question

o Get can be overridden by actual task commands, not generated ones

o Object states being assigned properly when object is lockable

o Alternate views correct for states when have lockable objects

o Multiple command inputs can be repeated with 'again'

o Position of static objects properly saved in TAS files - backwards compatability retained

o Whitespace lines ignored in ALR files

o Question in command doesn't assign it as a system command

o Drop A and B doesn't complain about ambiguity

o Drop all responds correctly when wearing objects but carrying nothing

o 'Message if task repeated' text overrules examining characters

o Proper response when trying to take static objects

o Modules:
- Object states exported properly in alternate descriptions
- Event object movements exported correctly
- Task restrictions for variables export correctly
- Can now import alternate descriptions with object states
- Objects export key info when key is first object
- Can import Death Tasks for characters
- Automatically puts Battle System on if importing battle modules

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