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Postby davidw » Tue Nov 16, 2004 7:24 am

Game: I Must Play

Author: Geoff FortyTwo

This game put me off initially. The intro - you're a kid who hasn't been able to play any arcade games all day because the big kids have hogged the machines and not given you the chance - just made me groan. It seemed… I don't know… corny? But I decided to give it a go and hope I was wrong.

Fortunately the game improves considerably after the poor start. I wandered round the arcade, didn't manage to play much, tried to leave, discovered I couldn't and returned. At this point I was a bit disheartened so I cheated and peeked at the walkthrough. (Hey, it was either that or just quit. I think I'd played something like half a dozen games in a row before this one and they'd all been awful so while looking at the walkthrough this early was hardly sporting, at least it saved me from quitting.) I discovered a few things to do and even managed to start playing a game.

And that's where I Must Play starts properly for each of the games you play are a mini game within the game itself. Nice idea. Not as well implemented as it could have been, however, as the first game I played seemed to consist of typing out pretty much identical commands again and again until something more interesting happened. As puzzles go, this was well thought out but as far as thrilling game play was concerned, it was a bit of a wash. Not to worry. Onto the second game. This was a little better but seemed very short and precious little happened. Onto the third one…

And so on.

I struggled to find enthusiasm for the game most of the time. All the games you get to play are short and not terribly inspired and I felt this, more than anything, was a big disappointment. The basic idea behind the game is a good one and it could have resulted in a game that was something quite remarkable but the way it has been put together is poor. The variety of the games themselves is good yet the games themselves just aren't interesting enough in their own right to keep your attention for long enough.

The writing is good, the coding is good and there are precious few bugs. I hit a potential flaw with my first conversation piece with a kid called Eric after I asked him about games in general and he responded as if I'd asked him about a specific game but this was a minor point. In fact, Eric was a particularly poor conversation piece. Most of his responses to questions about specific games was that they were linked to other games. Hmmm…

Nice idea. Poor implementation. A second version of this game might be a good idea with some of the mini-games reworked to make them a little more appealing. All in all, there was the makings of a good game here but I just felt bored as I played it disappointed that something better couldn't have been made of it.

5 out of 10
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