Pirates Plunder - Summercomp 2010 - IF Review

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Okay, like Lumin, I am completely biased.

I am a major Thingamus fan and when I learned this new game existed I squeed like yon fangirl.

I like how the game is clearly and unabashedly Toned and Themed without (as always) becoming overwhelming or kitsch. We get the Elizabethan/Medieval dialect mixing with pirate jargon and images in a very complementary fashion.

Love that Kraken.

Love that rascally snake. (that portion was actually a stroke of genius and was very "Thingamus")

What I didn't like, while I Ichabod was charming in an acceptably sidekick-y fashion, was that this IF piece was devoid of character interactions. I admit to being biased about that as well because I am a character artist and I GRAVITATE towards characters and dialogue. It's why I glommed all over "Albert is Lost". In "Pirates Plunder" I felt as though it took away from the depth of the game but that may be my own fault...er...or rather indicative of my lack of experience.

You see with "Albert is Lost" I'd EXPERIENCED a renaissance faire. I've been to a few, I know the general look, feel, and I know what kind of people to expect there. You could consider my blanks officially filled in.

With "Pirates Plunder" I am NOT a fan of ye old pirate genre (not antagonistic towards it, just apathetic) and so while the marsh and island are things I get I end up wanting more when visit the ruins. Heck I wanted to go in and EXPLORE that place or at least know what was up with those carvings (Very Alexander the Great's Mother). So in that vein I agree with Lumin, I really wished for more to fill in that gap (while with "Albert is Lost" I was completely satisfied with its shortness. Mayhaps my fickle nature doth show?).

But in the end, it did feel good. There was a bit less "fiction" here and more puzzle-y goodness but I think it did a good job with everything it DID contain.

Sail it up me Hearties!
(Wait, wha?)
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Post by Thingamus »

Thanketh ye for yon words of kindery, Jubell. 'Tis most notably appreciated.

Mayhaps ye shalt see more of Ichabod should I e'er planneth yon sequel!
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