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Goose, Egg, Badger

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Postby davidw » Tue Nov 16, 2004 7:26 am

Game: Goose, Egg, Badger

Author: Brian Rapp

Okay, I'll confess that I didn't play this game for long. I tried to but I just couldn't summon the willpower.

So what was so bad about it? It doesn't start that badly: you're awakened in the middle of the night by a crash from somewhere in your house. A burglar? Well, most likely. Only when you get to the kitchen (the location where the crash emanated from) you don't find any sign of a burglar. Just a duck and a bit of a mess.

Wandering around the rest of the game - it takes place on a farm - reveals that several other animals seem to have escaped from their pens and are busy doing… well, not a lot really. The duck pecks at a few invisible crumbs but the others just tend to stand around doing nothing. And "nothing" pretty much describes all that I achieved during the time I was playing Goose Egg Badger. In fact, the only thing I discovered to do was feed the duck. That was something I just tried on the off chance that it might herald a response. It did. I got a score point! Thinking I was onto something with this inspired course of action, I went and tried feeding every other animal I could find and while they readily accepted the food, as animals are wont to do, they didn't seem grateful enough to warrant any further score boosts. So with a score of 1 out of a possible 100, I had done just about everything I could think of to do. I couldn't seem to catch any of the animals - who evaded me with remarkable ease - and nor could I find the burglar, assuming the house had been burgled at all and the mess wasn't down to the animals themselves.

Yep. I was stuck. Well and truly stuck. I glanced at the walkthrough but my enthusiasm for this game had already been dented quite a bit by this stage and it wasn't much longer into things that I quit. It's a poorly written game on the whole. Locations descriptions are minimal at best and awful at worst. It also isn't helped much by a large proportion of bugs. Most noticeably if you try to feed the duck while you're in the duck's pen you'll be hit with a message telling you that you don't know how to feed the duck pen! Similarly, examining several of the animals if you're in the same pen as bears their name generally returns a description of the pen and not the animal. Ouch!

3 out of 10
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