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Postby davidw » Tue Nov 16, 2004 7:27 am

Game: PTBad3

Author: Xorox

Is this a joke entry? That was my first impression when I read the description of the opening location. I sure hope so because I'd hate to think that some poor sod thought it was a proper game. Unfortunately I'd expect a joke entry to either be funny or, at the very least, not be entered in the IFComp in the first place. As it was neither funny and it was entered in the IFComp, I think a thorough slagging off is definitely called for.

What's it about? I wish I knew. The first location is described as "corridor", minus any kind of capitalisation you might care to name. It informs you, in very poor English, that you are in someone else's mind and that being here make you feel all "foriegn". The walls are organic and "stoneline" (whatever that means) at the same time. To say this gives a bad first impression of the game would be an understatement. It's the sort of first impression that makes the delete key and the recycle bin look like a really good idea. If the mind in question is the writer's, I'd rush him off to the nearest shrink's office and book him an appointment asap.

Does it get better later on? Judge for yourself. This is the second room description I came across:

This is a room which is too small for you to fit in. There is a single door in the wall. Anouther wall has a painting on it.

Examine the door and you're told it has "been painted with a greenish, redish, aquaish, plaid" and that the lock has got paint in it. Examining the lock gives an unsatisfying "I don't understand that sentence" which pretty much puts the final nail in the coffin that is this game. Even if the lock doesn't play a part in the game it should at least have a description.

I didn't get much further than that. My willpower just wasn't strong enough. I tried examining a few things and discovered that most of what was included in the very poor room descriptions wasn't implemented. Walls cannot be examined, returning back to where you were a moment before is often impossible because exits mysteriously vanish when you're not looking, and the 'help' and 'hint' commands don't work. As there isn't a walkthrough included with the game, and as my enjoyment with this game so far has been a big fat zilch, I decided to quit while I retained my last few vestiges of sanity.

How the writer ever felt this game was suitable for the IFComp - or, indeed, any comp for that matter - is a mystery. It's pretty damn awful. And that's just being polite. I'm guessing the fact that it's been entered under a username - "Xorox" - is a pretty good indication that even the writer thought it was pants and wanted to make sure no one ever knew who really wrote it.

1 out of 10

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