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Ruined Robots

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Postby davidw » Tue Nov 16, 2004 7:27 am

Game: Ruined Robots

Author: nanag_d

Some games you just know are going to be bad and Ruined Robots was bad through and through.

I'm not entirely sure what the game is about but the intro gives some vague clue that it might be just a case of wandering around and waiting for something to happen to you. Yep. Riveting.

The first location couldn't have impressed me less if it had tried. It reads "This is a living room with a burning fire in the Hearth. There are rooms to the East and Northeast, Southeast, South and exit to the West, and a fireplace. There is also a small hole where the wall joins the floor, but you can't get in it or put anything in it." Ugh! Special note is made of the hole in the floor yet trying to examine it results in the kind of message you always seem to encounter in really bad games: "I don't know the word 'hole'". Nor can you examine the wall. Despite the room apparently having walls (I know it has them because it says so in the room description) the game doesn't understand them. But hey, the floor has a description! Admittedly it's only "it lies beneath you" but it was nice to know the writer had taken the time to include such a wonderful description. Really adds to the flavour of the game, y'know. What else can I examine in this first and oh-so-important starting location? The fireplace? But "which fireplace do you mean, the Hearth, or the merry fire?" Obviously the hearth because "merry fire" is another unrecognised command. Groan.

Some of the locations come with little pictures. And I mean "little". For all the good they are, it's a wonder why the writer bothered with them. Considering this game weighs in at 2.5 MB, I really would have thought the pictures would have been a bit better than this. In fact, for 2.5 MB I'd have expected something pretty damn great.

What else is bad about it? Well, several room descriptions list exits that aren't recognised. "Downwards" and "outside" don't work. The rental cottage has this strange piece tagged onto the end: "It seems like it's been lost.
If you asked, it might follow you (say ' Liffie, follow me')." Now, if there was someone called Liffie actually in the room it might have made more sense, but as it was seeing this finally told me that I'd be better off deleting this sorry mess and playing something else instead. Which I did.

If I wanted I could probably fill several pages listing all the bad points of this game but I'm not really minded to do that. Anyone playing the game will see them straight off anyway as they're the kind of things that jump out at you and even visually challenged people would be hard pressed not to notice them. I'd like to list the good points but as the game impressed me so little that within five minutes of starting it I was ready to delete it, I'm afraid I really couldn't say what they are.

1 out of 10
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