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Postby David Whyld » Sat Jul 09, 2005 10:05 pm

Rift by Red-Sith

This got off to a terrible start due to some awful guess the verb problems. You start locked in a room (well, I say ‘locked’ but as there’s no door in sight that’s probably a bit misleading) with a man who is tied to a chair. The room description reveals that the man has a blindfold around his eyes and tape on his mouth. Neither the blindfold nor the tape can be examined. I tried to remove the tape and was told “remove what?” ‘Get tape’ produced “what tape?” I tried several more combinations along these lines but all to no avail. In desperation, I looked in the Generator and discovered the correct command was actually “take tape off mouth”. Thank heavens the game wasn’t passworded.

After that, mercifully, the game got quite a bit better. It wasn’t very well written at any point – capitalisation really left a lot to be desired – and the actions of the main character seemed a little strange. There was also a liking on the game’s part to carry out actions for you that you might not want to carry out: examine the floorboards and before you know it you’ve discovered a secret room below you and hopped down to investigate. It might have been nice to have been given the choice as to whether I wanted to investigate the room or not. Or at least be given the opportunity to examine it first.

All in all, an uneven game that had too many glaring errors for me to say I liked it, but I'm at least curious to see what the finished product is like.

Funnily enough, out of the eight games in the Comp, this came seventh and scored just a single point. I felt it deserved better than its poor placing and put it third in my overall list, but clearly I was in a minority here.

Do I want to play the full game? More than likely.
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