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Zack Smackfoot: Escape The Jungle Terror

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Postby David Whyld » Sat Jul 09, 2005 10:07 pm

Zack Smackfoot: Escape The Jungle Terror by KFAdrift

In brief: your plane has crashed in the jungle and you have to escape from it.

It started pretty well with the opening screen describing nicely your plane crashing but then seemed to lose its way a bit afterwards. I immediately ran into problems due to the game not accepting the normal directional commands. You can’t go north or south in Zack Smackfoot; nope, you're restricted to “go back” or “go forward”. Is this better than a simple “n” or “s”? I wouldn’t have said so. It also isn’t helped much by the fact that when I first tried to use the standard directional commands, I got hit with a message stating “you can’t go in any direction” leading me to suspect at the time, wrongly as it happened, that this was a one room intro.

Once I’d got the hang of the strange system of moving around, things got a bit easier. I manoeuvred my way out of the plane without too much trouble although there were several parts that could really have been worked on. For a very short game, it had more than its fair share of rough edges. There were a few instances of “it’s” being used when “its” should have been (a pet peeve of mine and one I probably tend to notice more precisely because it annoys me) and error messages being delivered even when I’d done what was required. Try putting the knife into the slot before opening the knife and you get a message telling you it’s too big to fit into the slot. Open it and try again and you get the same message, followed by the cargo door opening anyway. Oh, and the door “hit’s” the ground with a crash.

I'm not sure whether I’d look forward to playing the full game but this wasn’t horrible by any means. Then again, the odds of this ever being turned into a full game are probably less than the people at RAIF proclaiming ADRIFT as superior to TADS so it’s perhaps a moot point anyway.

Do I want to play the full game? Maybe.
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Postby KFAdrift » Sat Jul 09, 2005 11:13 pm

Obviously no arguments over the stupid errors at all, really should have had it tested!

With the directions thing I always have a problem where you are in a mode of transport, in this case the plane. You can steer a vehicle in a direction and theoretically the points of the compass would change as it moves. I went for forward and back as you would in an aircraft, and within the text of the room descriptions you are given the directions, which are also hinted. You do not have to type go forward or go back in full, f and b work too. Sorry this did appear to give people problems, obviously will have to remember this for the future.

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Postby ralphmerridew » Sat Jul 09, 2005 11:43 pm

The natural directions within a vehicle are fore / aft / port / starboard.
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Postby David Whyld » Sun Jul 10, 2005 9:34 am

I thought port and starboard only applied to boats.
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