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Postby David Whyld » Thu Aug 25, 2005 8:51 pm

Deadsville by William McDuff

Now this one I liked.

Deadsville is the story of a zombie who’s recently been returned to the land of the living by some Goth who has the idea of creating for himself an army of the undead. Corny? Hell yes.

This is a game you're probably going to love for its childish humour, or hate (mainly for its childish humour). The idea is simple: kill the Goth who’s just brought you back from the grave before he realises you’re ‘damaged’ goods. You see, he messed up the whole resurrection thing and now you're uncontrollable. As soon as he realises this, he’s likely to send you back where you came from. Unless, of course, you can deal with him first… Only this isn’t as simple as it sounds because he’s got a gun and you haven’t. Trying to attack him is amusing as your arms aren’t quite as durable as they were while you were alive and have a tendency to break off at the elbows.

Deadsville is quite a sick little game in places. Most of the humour is tinged with a fair amount of gore (the scene with the Goth after you’ve knocked him down, for instance, comes complete with a rather unsettling description of you eating his brains… hmm, nice) but, having said that, it is funny. Very funny. It might well depend on your sense of humour as to whether you like this game for what it is – a very funny comedy tale – or just find yourself wincing at the admittedly childish humour. Personally I loved it.

Do I want to play the full game? Definitely.

8 out of 10
David Whyld
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