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Postby David Whyld » Wed Nov 16, 2005 7:28 am

History Repeating by Mark & Renee Choba

I wasn’t really sure what to make of this game. It could have had potential but just seemed too rushed for my liking.

You start with a routine day of drudgery at the office and then, without warning, mysteriously find yourself transported back to your class in school.

Properly handled, this could have been interesting but it’s been written about with all the depth of a shallow puddle. The enthusiasm, too. Strangely enough, my character doesn’t even seem particularly surprised to find himself moving through time and space.

Bugs and errors abound. My teacher speaks to me yet I'm not able to speak back to them because talking out in class isn’t allowed. In another location I found some chap called Mr Mitchell who couldn’t be spoken to or even examined. One room has a description which advises me I can only exit via the door or the window yet GO WINDOW moves me to the nearest desk and sits me down. Trying CLIMB THROUGH WINDOW produces the helpful response that I can’t even see the window! Funnily enough, when I hit upon OUT, the game told me that I had just moved out of the desk. Hmmm… I typed hints at one point and I was informed that there aren’t any as the authors ran out of time to include any. After playing this game for a while, I'm pretty sure hints aren’t the only thing they didn’t have time to include.

I struggled to get anything done in History Repeating. Maybe that’s just me being especially dim when it comes to the puzzles on offer, or maybe it’s just the game being especially hard. Some of the puzzles just plain don’t make any sense. I was kind of baffled when I checked the accompanying walkthrough to find that I was expected to peek through a hole in the wall, see some students sitting there and then go and tell the dean about them. How was I supposed to figure that out? Beats me.

Overall, too little time and effort has been spent on this game, the puzzles are the sort of thing you're only likely to figure out if you're either one of the authors or playing the game with the walkthrough at the side of you, and the game just doesn’t appeal to me. Not terrible, but definitely not a game that should have been entered in the IFComp.

3 out of 10
David Whyld
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