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Postby David Whyld » Wed Nov 16, 2005 7:31 am

Cheiron by Elizabeth Polli & Sarah Clelland

There was an amusing bit at the start of Cheiron, a game about doctors and hospitals, when I tried to examine the patients and was told I wouldn’t need to refer to them during the course of the game. Ha!

So what’s Cheiron about then? Well, you're a doctor and there's a hospital and there's patients and several very bland locations to wander around. And… that’s about it.

There was a game entered in the Spring Comp 2005 called Authority which featured a remarkably bland set of locations with very little storyline and even less to do. Cheiron reminded me of that game (albeit this one has some very poor graphics to complement its very poor gameplay). A game set in a hospital could potentially be an interesting – operating on patients, saving lives, etc – but if any of that occurs during this game I never came across it. Instead I just wandered around and became very bored very quickly.

I came across a number of patients but was never allowed to examine them or speak to them because I required consent first. How I was supposed to go about this I wasn’t sure. There’s a phone but nothing I tried with it produced any worthy results. Which pretty much summed up my time spent playing the rest of the game.

The game weighs in at a hefty 2.3 MB but the bulk of this appears to be the somewhat naff graphics that feature at the top left of the gameplay window. After looking at the first half dozen in the game, I'm curious as to why the authors even bothered. If you're going to include graphics in your game – and enough graphics to bloat the game file to 2.3 MB – at least put some decent ones in. Or was the intent of the graphics to distract attention away from the decidedly poor quality of the text?

All in all, a bland idea and poorly executed. Even on a fast broadband connection, this wasn’t worth the time it took to download.

1 out of 10
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