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Haunted Horror

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Postby David Whyld » Mon Jan 09, 2006 8:52 pm

Haunted Horror by Matt Slotnick (a Quest game)

Another Quest game that seems barely even finished: spelling mistakes in the intro, grammar errors and a general writing style that doesn't do the game any favours at all.

You're a detective who has received calls saying there are strange goings on at a house in the middle of nowhere so you've gone to investigate. Ho-hum. With enough depth, that might actually be a reasonably decent idea but here it's just given all the attention to detail of a quickly jotted down shopping list. It's also a remarkably similar idea to the intro to ESPER in which you're a detective called to investigate a castle in the middle of nowhere. It was done a lot better in ESPER.

The usual errors hit you right from the start: capitalisation where there doesn't need to be any; clunky room descriptions "There is Door here"; a folder which is described as being on the passenger seat of your car even after you've picked it up and dropped it in another location; a man described as "the man who is in the house"; a TV with the description "a TV"; and so little to do it's like the author just wrote a bunch of very empty locations, linked them together and then decided he was finished with the game and left it at that.

"What are you trying to do?" pops up on screen every few moves in relation to something I've tried but which the program hasn't understood. WATCH TV isn't covered, nor is OPEN DOOR, nor is READ PAPER... Getting Quest to understand a simple command is often a trying experience.

As with just about every Quest game I've played, there are no hints and no walkthrough. I became stuck very soon and the lack of hints/walkthrough meant this game got pushed to one side pretty quickly indeed. With a better game I might have tried harder, but for Haunted Horror I was only too happy to see the back of it.

1 out of 10
David Whyld
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