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Too Much Exercise

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Postby David Whyld » Tue Apr 11, 2006 12:36 pm

Too Much Exercise by Robert Street

The shortest game in the Writing Challenges Comp, and also by far the easiest, Too Much Exercise starts without any introduction to clue the player in as to what it’s all about. Fortunately it soon becomes obvious: you’re a big man looking for his next meal. (Actually there's a nice twist at the end of the game that throws this idea out but you'll have to finish it to see exactly what this is.)

Comprising just four locations, Too Much Exercise isn't a big game by any means. The necessary commands required to progress it are all fairly easy, and what few puzzles there are don’t need much thought to figure out. The only time I stumbled was when trying to make an offering after putting my wallet on the altar – the coins not being in my possession stopped the task from working, which had me muttering more than a few colourful comments at the computer before I realised my error.

As well as being very small, this is also a very easy game. While it has quite a few puzzles (for its size), they are all remarkably easy and straightforward. None really require much in the way of puzzling out. Of the four games in the Comp, this was the only one I was able to complete without running into any actual problems (the wallet and the altar notwithstanding). From start to finish, you're looking at perhaps ten to fifteen minutes of gameplay time…

…which is more of a disadvantage than an advantage really. The game is over with before you’ve really had chance to start playing it; although, saying that, nothing about the game that I saw struck me as particularly memorable. It’s okay for the ten minutes I spent playing it but nothing more.

5 out of 10
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