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Postby TDS » Fri Jul 07, 2006 3:24 pm

Mortality by David Whyld

Mortality is the story of a man called Steven James Rogers and the events that follow his taking a job working for ageing multi-millionaire, Wilfred Gamble. The job involves acting as the personal bodyguard of Gamble's younger (by sixty-one years) wife, Stephanie Gamble, and the events that unfold when the two of them decide that life without Wilfred would be a nice thing.

This writing in the game is good for the most part, but it gets a little over the top at times. There aren't any real puzzles in the game to solve, you can only navigate through the CYOA menus and occasionally move around. This hybrid of CYOA and IF makes the game seem even more limited than both, due to the inability to clearly see the choices you have. This isn't helped by the restricting responses you get when trying to do anything other than what the author intends:

Ø n
I step into the study where I first met Wilfred Gamble all those many months ago. It seems a smaller room than I remembered, more compact, as if the death of its former occupant has taken the very life from it.
Experiencing a chill, I quickly leave the study and return to the dining room.

Ø w
I step away from the dining room for a second, only to find myself in a small, almost empty room set aside for cleaning implements. Why did I come in here?
I return to the dining room before my presence is missed.

Ø se
I leave the dining room and step out onto a balcony overlooking the gardens. After a few moments, I sense Stephanie join me...

The characters were unrealistic. Everytime people talk you don't get a quotable or amusing quip. They shouldn't be so realistic they are boring, but slightly more human than what they are portrayed as in the game.

After a while the game fails to hold your interest with the mountains of text you trudge through, and by the end of the game you'll feel cheated when you come to the bad ending. That was realized that the whole affair was ridiculous. I really felt cheated at the end. I got a cr*p ending after sitting and reading all that story unfold. Just because the ending is supposed to be bad doesn't mean you should let your player feel like total cr*p after playing it. After getting the bad ending I had no incentive to play because: one, the game is restrictive beyond belief; and two, I don't like any of the characters.

Despite all this, I only found one small grammatical error. Thus, I give the game a five(average/decent/playable/middle of the road).

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